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I wonder why

I’ve treated you as my daughter

Because I was an orphan.

So I wished to be your dad and your sun

Of your life and to make all your life well done.

Thought that I need to be your haven

To travel while carrying you tenderly through seasons

As well as you were my hot blue bay.

I wish if u still here to stay

In my arms and to sway

Around eachothers we dance and fly

While hearing that romantic melody that we used to play.

Forgive me if I thought that you were a destiny

I never recognize that love come and go

Especially when you told me that you will never go

From ma hands.

And that you will never leave me

To sink usually in the sorrow and pain

My life is held by an ironic chain

Though that we were completed

Never saw that we were complicated

Now I feel that we are separated

Farness never make a separation

But solid hearts make dissimulation

Some’d say:

“You await me with love and desire in your eyes

I want you more than I ever realized”

Don’t you know how far I loved you?

Do you know how much tears I’ve spend for you?

Doe’s my pain make any difference for now?

I feel that I was just a period in your long life.

You left me lost inside a thick smoky dream

You left me fooled inside the unstable stream

They said: you are testing me in love

I said she examine your love

I need to know the time of you exams

But I am sure that this is not your way of loving me

I know that you would test me straightly

So I had to excuse your farness all the time

But I need to still a human being so I am not an Angel

My kindest heart

Needed to be feed by your love once a year

To feel this is kindness from you would be mostly fair

By an empty letters

By a blank papers

By a remote sign

By a hi or even by a good bye

For all the time I am looking inside my mail box

To find your word

Till I got bored

Till I got bored

Where is your hoard?

Where is your hoard?

A wise man told me these lines of love meanings:

“Love is as the rose

It begins as a smile,

a look, or a gentle hello.

When nourished with the

Warmth of the heart

it grows into the beauty

of the rose.

Yet as the rose,

If your love is not

Nourished with warmth

and care,

The petals will fall,

the beauty will fade

Your love will

no longer be there.“

Oh my saddest love,

Why you didn’t nourish my Rose?

Do I deserve this ignoring?

You should tell me if I was mistaken?

Will you let me love you always as you did before?

Wouldn’t you send me the sign of your love once again?

“Where is my love when I need u most?”

“Where is my friend when I feel that I am lost?”

Have you forgotten these words?

did they stop ringing in your brain?

Have you learned how to survive?

My dearest, my heart will always save you and Forever

Even from my Side only and forever

And I will always give you an excuse

to do anything u choose

This is the True love that I dreamed to find

Even to spend few seconds feeling it.

to break the believe that my life is so disserted and empty

My Purest love,

I will always loading your memories in my mind

To smile and to cry

Till I die

And I prefer not to die before I see you fit

Watching you happy is my only gift

Till I see you the best and the most perfect

I wished if I was your closes to cover your body and to hug you always

I wished if I was your eyeglass to reflect the skies in my spirit

I wished if I was your book to reach your mind all the time

I wished if I was your drink to spread inside your body

I wished if I was the Air to get in through your inspiration

I love you and,

I will always be in love with your smile and your eyes,

I will always love your memories and your moments

I will love your fights and your laughter

I will be always waiting for your Melody

Calling me by my name and say I miss you

And to smile in my face and give me that deep breathe

I’ll be waiting my darling till the end of time

Some’d say:

“You await me with love and desire in your eyes

I want you more than I ever realized”

Oh my love how I need u always,

How I am missing you always.

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