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Love illusions Of far emotions

Inside the same dreamily city

But we were so far

Skies were too dark

There were no stars

The city was too crowded by loads of cars

Between all those things am alone,

Just moving between the city bars

Having such a freaky mix

Of beer and rain of tears

Wondering if there is something still out there to fear?

Hopes, passion, some emotions might appear,

Or might disappear

They made a new wish of marrying eachothers,

While I made an only wish to fly

To the land of no where

To the fourth dimensions

To the far extensions

Of some worlds

To the universe that couldn’t appear

To those few angels that will surround me with care

To those warm hugs of holy mothers

Who offers you nothing but tenderness?

Where you will just need to become speechless

Where there is more than a butterfly to flatter you

And to fly around you in peaceful atmosphere

The land of no fear

The land of no where

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