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Memos from the Darkness

When you are feeling the wild loneliness

Wishing to escape from the life’s stress

Longing to reach the land of kindness

When you discover that everybody around you believes

That the pure love becomes nothing but a heritage

When you find that your purest love fades away like a mirage!

And that the now a day’s love is no more than a corsage…

When you find that your hug became deserted except from the emptiness, memories and human whom are just savage

Ask your self, will I find the true love again?

When you find your tears so warm like hell

And your soul is crowded by sad troubles

And your tongue is too heavy as it couldn’t spell

The word of L O V E

Will you find someone who might satisfy you?

And to cry in his wide surrounded arms again like before?

Will I? Shall us?

When you are walking alone on the beach at the midnight!

And you feel how much this world is so dark and unfair!

Will you find a great white candle to light up your world again?

I still can watch your sweet memories in a ship sailing across the horizon that covers the wide ocean…

The moon was full since that wonderful time!

Why it’s crescent tonight?

Why it is not shining any more?

Why there are no clear horizons to explore?

Why the horizons are all dressed by darkness?

How much I need you while you are so far!

And when you are here beside me I need you more and more.

As a twain soul and body!

Wonderful time ends so fast as well as all the Past

Our short life running speedily,

as everything nice.

But also like everything sad,

Everything in this life has an end point.

I’ll get over this Odd moment

You’ve called those wild flowers:

“Signs of luck” and you’re my flower.

I am still searching for those wild flowers everywhere,

It’s all disappeared from my secret gardens,

Until you give it to me once again, by your silky hands,

Oh my love …

How much I need you,

As I always do.

I’ll always wish to spend all the rest of my life near by you.

I need those warm hands again,

They were always keeping me away from the pain

They made me feel safe and secured…

With you and beside you I never felt bad, tired,

Lonely and I’m always brave and powerful!

You’re completing me my love.

Through your eyes I saw the skies

Through the skies I traveled to the outer universe,

By the wings of your spirit

Over there, I never heard a cry

And I’ve visited all those wide oceans as well as they’re so blue,

I felt that am a white little bird flaying and swimming across the universe,

Inside and through your spirits

I will be saving all my tears just for you,

Sign with love for ever true.

I’ve to explain how my heart is filling with your memories,

The ever sweetest memories in my life …

Forgive my farness I’m sure that your Breast is so spacious.

I’ll always have the hope of looking to your eyes once again,

I felt shy while looking at them someday,

Forgive my shyness,

I had to turn my eyes away from yours while talking to you,

Your beauty made me blushed,

And my words has never finished.

I felt that you’re the family and all its members

I felt that you’re my parts also you were so tender

And I am sure that u weren’t a pretender

I hug your memories all the time

And thinking of you, wishing you’ll be fine

And I’ll keep trying to be fine

As much as I can feel the depth of the ocean across the ripples of waves.

As much as your hug tingled the passion in my heart

As much as our footprints leave everlasting impressions,

Across the shifting sands of time

My darling, I felt that our world is a beautiful paradise

Let’s keep this Love till the Eternity

The touch that evokes the unknown desires

The warmth which is soft and tender and so true

The closeness that melts away all fears

The togetherness that breathes the promise of the everlasting love

Everything thing I love, I found it in you



The longer we are together the more I naturalize…..

How much I depend on you and need you in my life…..

I LOVE YOU more each day….

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