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The Passion of Farewell

In the memory of our first love

When u fall down in my arms twice

When I smelled your body perfume that seemed like spice

And your skin that was cold like ice

Your first everlasting hugs were so nice

Like tomorrow and for a year

You were here

I was there living such a nice dream

Standing right here waiting for you my dear

You were there

Laying down beside me

Feeling calmed inside my arms

We were both watching and counting far stars

Talking to me mouth to ear

Those whispers that never disappear

Walking with me on soft sand

Oh, all those memories that I couldn’t stand

Under the moonlight during last may

But since a year…you were here

Live motions still moving in my dreams

Flood of emotions stands right there

My memories are slept in the darkness

And it will never be awake

Your feet stamps still there

Like if they were done in yesterdays

You were there

If u remembers, we weren’t alone

We had another friend watching us on the big black stone

Sea waves were singing on such a nice melody

They were still dancing as long as we were walking together

They never knew about the future’s tragedy

If u remembers…you were there

In real and not in real

Walking beside me hand in hand

Feeling so safe and calmed on the Egyptian land

It wasn’t so dark after the midnight

Because there was the moonlight

And it was the shine of our love

Between me and you

And passion’s light

We are there

But since a years

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