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The Stone of our love

I need you to hug me so tight,

I need to scream secretly by your side

Hold me and let me feel safe at last

After all those days of suffering that will ever last

Hold me tight and let my heart tell about all its secrets

That was built by the power of time

And let our destiny of the endless love

To clean up my heart from its misery

As I’d no chance to confess about my board of secrets even discreetly

Hold me tight but let me cry

I won’t ever hide my tears away from your eyes

At this moment of love, I’ll never feel shy

To tell about my hard moment of my worst life

Please let me even dream and forever

That our love has a beginning but has no ending

And even if u wished to leave me someday don’t let me know

Do it suddenly and just go

And let me continue our dream of love even alone

I will never break the stone of our love even if u left it.

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