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Holograme Technology

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Holograme Technology

Holograme is the new era of the live 3D interactive communication for the new media advertising.

It allows organizations/individuals to represent itself or its media among a very advanced real-time interactive medium without the need of moving out of their place, it is a kind of high technology that allows you to completely impress and interact with your target audiences the way you wish…

It can be used to advertise for a new product/service, election campaigns, remote communications, real-time interactivity and more!

The mechanism of the holographic media and how it works:

Ref.: discovery channel

Live examples of using holograme in live conferences in many places around the world, in different qualities, scales and colors:

The Hologram of Prince Charles was created by Musion Systems to project a life-size, three-dimensional image of the Prince onto the stage of the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. …

Used in Virgin Digital Launch:

Live concerts from London:

Live demonstration show in Japan:

How this technology can serves the 3D virtual theaters and live shows!

The original producer of this technology is a British company called Musion Systems:

More about the company profile:

And as usual, this is a key of a new research you could make, if you are interested in this subject, you may go on searching for more details and share it with us…

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