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The Rise And Fall Of Islamic Spain – Part 1 (1/5)

October 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I strongly believe and since I was just 8 years old, that the key of the future is to learn all about the past, the history is the golden gate of the future, and it always tells us different stories about one issue, it is all about the life cycle of all civilizations, and I wish that human beings from all races and roots, could learn and read much more about the past, and to understand and realize every event that we are passing through during our today’s life, in order to make a better life, or at least, to rescue the earth from a certain dramatically ending.

لو العرب استولوا على فرنسا، إذن لصارت باريس مثل قرطبة في إسبانيا، مركزا للحضارة والعلم؛ حيث كان رجل الشارع فيها يكتب ويقرأ بل ويقرض الشعر احيانا، في الوقت الذي كان فيه ملوك أوروبا لا يعرفون كتابة أسمائهم”. إدوارد جيبون (1737-1794) مؤرخ إنجليزي، صاحب كتاب (تاريخ أفول وسقوط الدولة الرومانية)‬


Norman Finkelstein – Israel and Palestine

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The… Arrivals – Arabic Translation – القادمون

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TAKECARE: Never get dominated by the global mass media… research and keep thinking to create your own opinion and always return to your roots…they stay original.

In this series you’ll be able to see how the global media works effectively to rule our brains to be guided only for their own interests:

The… Arrivals – Arabic Translation – القادمون