Business Summery (C)


My name is Tariq Sobh, a talented and passionate Creative Director and a digital artist with an extensive experience in creative direction supported by a perfect understanding of the creative process and its workflow, from both technical and managerial prospective, this experience is capable to cover the areas of modern digital media and online production as well as printing jobs or any other advertising projects that utilize the perfect output that drive brand and company growth.

Business Summery

I am keen to produce a high quality and unique graphics that cover the following areas:

Creative Direction

  • Professional Creative Process (Design – Consulting – Proceeding)
  • Managing the creative direction and the overall look and feel
  • Corporate branding – advertising wise
  • Corporate Identity Development
  • Interactive Media
  • Flash animations
  • Online – Offline Advertising
  • Marketing Campaigns including all known elements of marketing materials (offline-online)
  • Team development and inspiration
  • Effective brain storming sessions
  • Strong understanding of copyrights in media and creative production

Usability and User Experience Consulting

  • Ease of learning
  • Color Language
  • Prioritizing and Content Reallocation
  • Global Research bases knowledge of usability factors
  • UI object positioning and directions
  • User behaviors (especially Arab users)
  • Measuring friendly visual designs vs. user categories
  • Ease of remembering vs. non memory independent methodologies
  • Layout and interface structures
  • Navigational Structure and indicators
  • Process Simplifying (Task efficiency vs. The ease of use) of web forms and the methodology of navigational and logical concepts that stands behind user behaviors
  • Subjective satisfaction and user friendly factors
  • Response time and throughput
  • Usage of web typefaces and font styles to serve the objectives of the web content
  • The perfect use and availability of basic controls
  • Connectivity & bandwidth vs. geographical targeting
  • Browsers-compatibility
  • Usability Testing

Web Graphics

  • Corporate Websites & portals design
  • Color optimization meeting both quality and speed
  • Designing and analysis for web forms and graphical user interfaces

Web Management

  • Effective and professional Process design including and effective work flows of various types of design tasks
  • Handling and enhancing business relationships between creative department and both of business development and web development departments
  • Task distribution and team creation
  • Time management
  • Prototyping & visual design development
  • Testing

Graphics for Printed Media

  • Brand and Logo Development
  • Corporate Identity Development
  • All kinds of marketing, promotional and printing materials
  • Packaging and designing die-cuts

Computer Illustrations

  • Comics and Character design for branding uses
  • Story Boarding
  • Abstract illustrations
  • Iconic designs for mobile web applications and tight screen resolutions
  • Islamic Arts for all uses (interior design – web design – printing)
  • Calligraphy and Typography for web and printing

Business Profile:

Cell Phone: +2 012 2426 411 2


P.S.: Kindly make sure of not violating the international copyright laws while using any part of my web contents.


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